Ecommerce-Specific Optimization
— 4x more from your existing website —
Say goodbye to testing pain points
Get More Time
There's never enough time to test all your ideas.  At Contour This you get a dedicated team to flush out ideas, create and execute tests to maximize conversion at every touch point.
Take Action on Insights
Data without analysis is meaningless.  Your test results, and more importantly the customer insights they expose, will be archived to guide future tests.
Other Vendors are Frustrating
Everyone says they can increase your bottom line with CRO...  They take weeks to create a simple test, and longer to show results.  At Contour This, you can expect results month over month, every single month.
Patented Industry Leading Technology
Conversion Engine
Statistically Significant 
A behavioral split testing algorithm designed to solve the biggest split testing problems.
Enterprise Level
Conversion Engine is an enterprise solution.  We take security and quality to heart.  From world class availability, to blazing speeds, Conversion Engine is designed with your enterprise in mind.
I/O Operations per Second
Built on a fully scalable infrastructure.  Conversion Engine is built with a modular design that allows for independent and private instances that scale to meet any need.
Faster Results
Most split testing software is myopic, only reporting on a single conversion point.  Conversion Engine uses over 200 metrics and dimensions to analyze test results.
Exclusively for Contour This Clients
Conversion Engine is just a tool (an amazing tool... but just a tool.)  A tool is only as good as the craftsman who wields it.  We spent years perfecting Conversion Engine.  Who better to make sure you benefit from all it has to offer.
Digital Body Language
We're not a Marketing tool. We're an Online Sales Generator.
Everyone knows the kind of impact an ace sales associate can have on a company... They adapt their pitch to each customer based on feedback they get from the customer.

We look for that same feedback, based on what your visitors are doing on your website, and adapt your website to better serve each customer.

Unlike a sales associate, on the web, it's predictable, repeatable, and scalable.