Consistency in Your Funnel Offer

Consistency in Your Funnel Offer

by Jared Smith October 15, 2018

When building out a funnel, it’s extremely important to have a consistent offer for your customers.

Funnels seem easy, you start with a lead magnet, then have an initial product or loss leader, then upsell a larger product. But if these are just random products, where you’re the only thing tying them together, you’re going to have a tough time making your funnel profitable.

Thinking about it like a book series is a great analogy. Your lead magnet is the hook, but no where near the full story. The initial product IS a self contained, full story… but not the entire saga.

If you have a consistent offer and hook someone with the right concept, they’ll be all in for the entire series, future prequels, spin-offs, movies, the tv series, and merch.

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