FOMO is KILLING Your Business

FOMO is KILLING Your Business

by Jared Smith October 24, 2018

FOMO – The Fear Of Missing Out isn’t just for Millennials who are afraid their friends are doing something super awesome without them. It’s also not just about how you can persuade people to buy when you show them limited stock or a countdown timer.

The biggest opportunity you have to understand FOMO is how FOMO is holding you back and killing your marketing.

Every time I work with the owner of a company, they are always concerned, “The new homepage makes it look like we only have 1 product! And where’s the Partnership Department/Offer?” They don’t want to miss any opportunity to tell someone about all the amazing things they do.

I understand this. We are all susceptible to this fear. But the last thing a new potential customer wants you to do is puke a 100 products, 10 services, and 20 offers on them. It’s overwhelming. It’s confusing. And it sucks when you’re the victim.

Hone your message. Craft a specific landing page and appropriate funnel for each person who’s looking for a specific product or service and in a specific part of the buyer’s journey (sales process).

The numbers, and your bank account doesn’t lie. Companies with 40+ landing pages enjoy 12x the results of those with less than 5 landing pages.

Don’t let FOMO cram your homepage with crap. Build out multiple landing pages instead.

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