Innovation Presentation – Register to Checkout

Innovation Presentation – Register to Checkout

by Jared Smith July 01, 2016

Contour This Innovation Presentations demonstrate our innovations we’ve found work across a wide range of websites.

The Sign-In or Register page is the least optimized page on your e-commerce website. Some companies use the information for remarketing via email, most only have it because it’s part of the e-commerce platform they are using.

We killed this page for an 80% increase in sales while still collecting emails for remarketing. See what we did in the video below.

There are 2 types of CRO agencies out there.

1) Agencies who use split testing tools to test simple design changes and pop-ups.

2) Agencies who test both design changes and functional changes.

Contour This is the latter. The difference is our extensive development experience and ability. Members of our dev team helped build some of the most popular e-commerce platforms in use today. This allows us the ability to improve and optimize websites from both a design and functional perspective.

If you’re looking to take your conversion rate optimization beyond simple design changes, where your back-end development has purpose, give us a call. It’s an eye-opening experience 😉

p.s. One of my favorite examples of how development can create an experience.

Tesla’s “Insane” mode (now called “Ludicrous”) isn’t something you can see, but once you’ve experienced it, you won’t soon forget about it. Your CRO efforts need dev.

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