Retail Lab to “Fix” Ecommerce

Retail Lab to “Fix” Ecommerce

by Jared Smith May 18, 2016

As commerce migrates to online devices and mobile devices, retail stores are losing huge portions of their revenue to outdated ecommerce websites and antiquated concepts of online commerce. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Agency Contour This ( has formed an independent Retail Innovation Lab (, aimed at creating the next generation of online stores.

It’s no secret that major retailers are struggling. Sears pulled in over 53 Billion dollars in revenue in 2007, yet they aren’t projected to even clear 26 Billion this year (2016). Ecommerce giant Staples, lost over 15% of it’s overall revenue from 2012 to 2015.

It’s an omnichannel world out there that is quickly becoming dominated by computers and mobile devices. Ecommerce stores are being used for research and transactions, in that order. And it’s a problem that the most highly praised, best retail application out there, Target’s Cartwheel App, is a coupon clipper.

Yes, Cartwheel is great, but it’s little more than a digital version of the Sunday circular. Target actually lost revenue when they tried to entice customers to “order online” by giving away $10 gift cards.

Ecommerce hasn’t changed in nearly two decades. The current format favors small boutiques more than large retailers, and the numbers show.


We, Contour This, believe that this can be fixed with a modern approach to online stores. Which is why we created the Contour This Retail Innovation Lab. We’ve given it a ten year charter to create online stores for today and the future.

Large retails are struggling to remain relevant online, using outdated ecommerce websites that are based on antiquated concepts of online commerce. As a CRO agency, we are uniquely equipped to solve this problem, being intimate with ecommerce and having the tools to not only create the next generation of online stores but the framework to test them.

We are actively looking for retail partners to join the Retail Innovation Lab. We will only be partnering with one retailer from each of the requisite industries, so if you know someone who is interested, have them contact Jared Smith [] before their competition locks them out.

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