How we helped a travel agency increase their conversion rate by over 200%

Zupper spent a lot of money completely redesigning their online flight booking website. They re-built it from the ground up to have faster, smarter searches with the help of ITA Software owned by Google, automate the booking process, and create a backend where their customer service reps. can manage and intervene with any booking. After 6 months, the new, better website was converting worse than the old website.

To get started we reviewed their Google Analytics account and funnels, interviewed visitors, formed user panels, and used heat maps to identify the major issues preventing conversions.

We broke the project up into waves where we would make successive changes to the site to address key issues in the conversion process and build off of the learning from the previous wave.

What we did

Travel metasearch engines, like Kayak and Mundi, provide the majority of traffic to Zupper. Zupper had created a landing page for these referrals that showed the exact flight the user chose on the metasearch engine and prompted the user to log in or checkout as a guest. Most other flight booking sites in Brazil make the user perform a new search to find their flight. The main problem with Zupper's landing page was that it didn't display other options for the user. Seeing other options allows the user to feel confident that he/she has chosen the best flight. The annotated image below shows our changes.

Zupper Landing Page

The checkout page for Zupper had a different problem. It lacked trust. The poor layout of the form made the site look un-professional and when you are asking for someone's credit card information, you need them to trust you. We cleaned up the form, added the credit card logos, and made the form easier to use by adding help icons that show useful information when you mouse over them.

Zupper Checkout Page

The complex searches that Zupper can do are truly awesome. They offer:

  • basic search
  • ±2 days
  • ±7 days
  • best price around a holiday
  • best price for any day in a given month
  • best price for traveling on particular days of the week in a given month
    (ie. leave on Monday, return on Friday)
  • and even a "get-away" search that shows prices for a type of destination (ie. the prices to fly to any beach in Brazil)

The ease of doing these complex searches is central to Zupper's brand. The problem was that the layout of the form was cumbersome and made it hard to understand what each search type did. See the image below to see some of our changes, or go to to play with it live!

Zupper Home Page

The changes we made to the conversion funnel for Zupper focused on increasing visitor confidence and trust throughout the purchasing process. The changes we made to the homepage enhanced the Zupper brand and give their customers something to share with their friends. All these changes have added up to a much higher conversion rate and happier customers.

ContourThis was able to strike a great balance between leading our conversion optimization efforts and taking the total business benefits/impacts into account at all times. In addition to that, I also greatly appreciated how Jared was able to lead everything from concept to delivery, passing by design in between, which is not trivial! I would definately recommend ContourThis to any online business venture.

Leisure, Travel, and Tourism — Joao Miranda, Co-Founder & CEO at

Every company's situation is different and so are the methods and results of conversion rate optimization. These methods and results are specific to Zupper and may or may not work the same for you. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how we can help with conversion rate optimization, please contact us.