Choosing a Conversion Optimization Company

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has quickly become a specialized area of focus for many agencies. Most have simply added it as the latest buzz word to their list of "services" while others have truly embraced the value of conversion optimization.


A good conversion optimization company starts with data. A visual review of your site can identify some possible pain points in the conversion flow, but without valid data to back it up, these observations are just guess work. Unless you have an amazing analytics implementation, your CRO company will almost instantly have a list of "holes" where the data is missing important information. As a CRO campaign progresses it is natural to find additional holes in the data that need filled.

Conversion Flow

A good conversion optimization company understands that conversions start before the visitor lands on your site. Your traffic source, whether it's a search engine, social site, or email, sets the stage and expectations of what your visitor will see when they arrive at your site. It's a promise that you have to keep or exceed.

Conversions don't stop with a purchase either. Your back-end conversion funnel includes the number of customers who return a purchase or are so happy they have to tell their friends.

Bottom Line

Finally, conversion optimization isn't about web metrics and hollow numbers, it's about your bottom line. You don't just want a higher conversion rate, you want optimal conversions. Customers who purchase more, are easier to work with, and are so happy they become life long customers and advocates for your business.

Warning Signs

If a CRO company tells you that all you have to do is split test everything, they probably aren't worth the investment. Some simple split tests such as changing a button color can have a profound effect, but split testing everything can be very costly and take years. Even the experts only pick a winner 1 in 3 times. The best tests are created from insight and understanding. The purpose of testing these options is to reduce the error of rational change. Testing everything means you know you will fail, and ultimately lower your conversion rate while you wait on test results.


ContourThis starts by reviewing your traffic sources. We look at the volume of people you are reaching, how well those people fit into your target market and what % of them are engaging with your marketing by clicking through to your website. Then we review your on-site conversion flow. Along the way, we identify potential pain points and opportunities for segmentation. Finally, we examine the business aspects, ROI, average sale, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, customer value, and lifetime value. This is just how we start a project. Once the project is underway, we work with you to optimize your conversions and fill any holes in your data so that you have perfect visibility into how our changes affect your bottom line.

We believe the most important ingredient in conversion optimization is a good fit. The better you and your agency work together, the more amazing the results you can achieve. This is why we require a meeting with all the stake holders of a company before we begin any engagement.

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