What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process and methodology of increasing the number of visitors you convert into leads and customers. Marketing efforts, like SEO and PPC, focus on bringing more visitors to your website. Conversion rate optimization focuses on visitor interactions with your website. Everybody has a different approach to CRO, but most fall into one of the two main methodologies.

Understand the audience and
(re)build for them
Test everything

These changes are generally dramatic overhauls of key pages in the conversion flow.

Given enough traffic you can test variations of every element on your site.

  • Redesigned landing pages (long->short / short->long) addressing key feedback from customers and potential customers.
  • New form layout with javascript validation and security badges, testimonials, and money back guarantees.
  • Call to action
  • Page title
  • Button colors
  • Menu style
  • Background color
  • Page layout
  • Social icons
  • Promotional offers
  • Footer links
  • Anything and Everything else you can think of

The competitors for these tests are normally driven by visitor feedback from surveys, usability tests, and analytics data including page stats and heat maps, and feature common arguments used by your sales staff.

These changes generally have a very large impact on conversion rate and as a result don't require a ton of traffic to test.

The competitors for these tests are normally driven by best practices, instinct, and esthetics.

While some of these changes can have a dramatic impact on a site's conversion rate, they more often only have a small impact, requiring thousands, even tens of thousands, of visits to get statistically significant results.

ContourThis doesn't just implement one methodology of testing to increase your conversion rate.

We start by getting to know your industry and more importantly your company. You can increase support for a politician by advocating his benefits or discrediting his opponent. Its important to us to make sure we sell your company and products the way you want to be sold.

Then we gather data about your current site and customers. Its common for us to use many techniques to get a deep understanding of your current situation. (Analytics reports, surveys, usability tests, heat maps, talk to top sales associates, current customers, and even employees.) We use all this data to pan for gold and identify any major issues that are keeping visitors from becoming customers.

CRO is like climbing a mountain.

CRO is like climging a mountain

When you test specific elements on a page, you can only increase the conversion rate of that page to the local maximum (the top of the peak). Before we start testing specific elements of a page, we need to make sure we are on the right peak (and mountain).

When we find major barriers or great opportunities we leverage that learning and often make a completely redesigned competitor or two to test against that whole page. These tests are quick to show results and ensures we are on the right peak.

Completely redesigned pages may freak you out, but we work hand in hand with some of the best SEO and inbound marketing experts in the world. And, if you already have a team driving your marketing efforts, we will definitely work with them. As a result our changes are perfectly suited to increase your gravitational pull of new visitors and fit in with your current marketing efforts.

Once we are confident that we are on the right peak, we test variations of key elements on the page to get the most out of your visitors and take each page to its local maximum, both in terms of conversions and benefit for inbound marketing.